About Us

Industry’s preferred planogram solution


At Webphoria Technologies, LLC — an innovative software company — we produce exciting, exceptional, and intuitive, cloud-based Space Management and Digital Asset Management Solutions for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors.

We are dedicated to helping you navigate your planogram development, needs, and goals — as well as product image and data attributes — within a refreshingly-simple and easy experience. Our platforms make accomplishing your work effortless and efficient with immediate access and informative tutorials.


EZPOG is the industry’s preferred easy-to-use, low-cost planogram solution. Drawing from three decades of planogram experience, this software contains the same key features found in much more expensive planogram options for a fraction of the cost.

These programs are a streamlined user-interface with unparalleled and robust functionality that cuts the learning curve from weeks to a matter of hours. Despite multiple users managing multiple product libraries and catalogues, EZPOG eliminates any difficulty and centralizes product images and data attributes for ease of use throughout the OmniChannel.

Jason DeRienzo

Chief Executive Officer

Effective management in business development for over two decades providing category management consultancy and sales services to CPG companies seeking low-cost ways to create planograms, while increasing sales and ROI   

Richard Brown

Vice President

Advanced the studio environment for over thirty years to incorporate innovative ways of capturing product images and their data attributes to provide engaging and enriched digital assets used in creating professional planograms

The EZPOG Solution

Planogram development is a highly-specialized task often requiring use of expensive, resource-intensive, and burdensome desktop applications. EZPOG enables users to cut through those barriers to offer freedom to work from any computer or mobile device. The software—100% cloud-based with no complicated installation or need for IT support techs—is not cost-prohibitive and can be up and running within minutes.


Low cost of entry
Trusted and reliable
Feature-packed planogram solutions


Access to EZPICS
Instant planogram file-sharing
Custom product libraries available to workgroup


Computer crash protection
Scalable and easy to implement
Work in the cloud on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile