EZPOG EZ Training

$ 225.00

An in-depth online group webinar surveying all program features and nuances for achieving the maximum benefit offered inside this software platform and which provides an easy and effective way of building and presenting planograms



EZ Training covers a general introduction into how EZPOG works and its core features which help in building and presenting a planogram both easily and effectively. Course instruction will be tailor-made to your learning needs whether new or experienced in making planograms and space management. EZ Training can deepen both your general knowledge of planogram development and specific learning of your EZPOG tool set. This training can be very beneficial, if it has been some time since your free trial or last use of your demo EZPOG account.
EZ Training—a range of topics appropriate to your purchase—includes: managing planogram files; importing a product library; database maintenance; creating a section; creating a segment; creating a fixture; merchandising product; importing product images; product and fixture labels; printing; generating reports; saving planogram as a JPG; importing/exporting planogram files (.PSA and .EZP); importing POS/sales data; custom product labels; custom reporting; custom print layouts; product highlighting; and, Q&A (time-permitting)